(this is a back-up of my tumblr, which uses the same username)

hi i’m ali & i’m the grandma of the football fandom (cis f, queer, alaska, 30)

i write fics and i make gifs

this is my face

i fucking despise fc barcelona and everything it represents, so if that’s a problem with you, um… gtfo? lmao.  buh bye!

here’s some crap i’m super into:

  • ✩ real madrid 
  • ✩ man city ✩ 
  • ✩ nycfc 
  • spain nt
  • france nt
  • colombia nt
  • usmnt

and here’s some other crap i’m super into:

  • guti
  • frank lampard
  • david silva
  • jesús navas
  • sergio ramos
  • paulo dybala
  • fàbio coentrão
  • xabi alonso
  • david villa
  • cesc fàbregas
  • gonzalo higuaín
  • definitely not gary neville stfu how dare you

i also ship everything under the sun and my current love is carraville and idk how y’all dragged me, a pure & innocent (and also flawless) city girl into this shipwreck but here i am and here i shall stay

this blog is mostly dedicated to real madrid & manchester city, but i obviously make exceptions sometimes.  i gif every game i watch pretty much, so you’ll find an odd variety of teams and players represented.  i also take requests!  all the better if you happen to have a link to the video you want giffed!

other non-footie related things i enjoy are rupaul’s drag race, les mis, marvel 616, star trek, futurama, & kittens

also to answer a couple questions i get asked a lot: i live in alaska currently,but i lived in nyc for four years (in both manhattan and brooklyn) and consider it my second home (that’s why i support nycfc!)  i frequently visit nyc still (even though it’s like eight hours by plane) so if you’re in the nyc area and you ever want to hang out or catch a game at yankee stadium, hit me up!  i also frequented the real madrid peña in nyc, so if you hung out there ever, we’ve probably met!

disclaimeri love iker and i love arbeloa and i don’t give a shit if you think that makes me less of a fan because you’re wrong i post about them both bc they are both amazing and i love them

i am a survivor of domestic abuse, and sometimes i discuss my experiences.  the ability to discuss this is incredibly important to me.  i put these posts behind a cut and always use tw tags, but fair warning, you may on occasion find references to domestic/spousal abuse, sexual violence, rape, and similar topics on my blog.  i also sometimes write about drug addiction and alcoholism, as my live has been severely impacted by people in my life who experience addiction.  i trigger warn for these subjects as well.

i do not accept anon asks due to multiple incidents of harassment

this is some crap i own

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