Donald Trump has said some crazy shit, but give me any example, and I promise you’ll find a Rodrigo Duterte quote along the same lines that’s infinitely more heinous. Trump is a misogynist, but he’s never publicly expressed his regret over not having been able to participate in a gang rape. Trump says he’ll deport immigrants, but he’s never promised to execute 100,000 people and dump them in the nearest body of water within six months of taking office.

Rodrigo Duterte did all of those things while campaigning for president of the Philippines, and he goddamn won. In a country where people go to the polls and cast their vote, just like we do here, they willingly picked the guy who promised to murder “criminals” in the street. Does that do anything for your staunch belief that Trump will never win a general election?

It doesn’t matter. You probably already knew everything I just mentioned because, again, it made the news a while back. But do you know what’s happened in the Philippines since then? If you’ve left it up to the CNNs and Fox Newses of the world, you probably don’t. That’s insane, because what’s happening is nothing short of an impending genocide.

Genocide Is Coming To The Philippines (And No One Cares)