i honestly wish there was a kind of strike system in place so that people who repeatedly repost content get their accounts deleted


i really don’t like doing this but i’m so tired of this happening and it’s really bothering me to see this continue to happen, so here we are.

@goalg0ys​ : stop stealing other people’s gifs.  i’ve personally reported you seven times in the last three months and previously flat out told you to stop.  i’m aware of at least two other gif makers who also reported you for this exact behavior.  i also blocked you to prevent you from accessing my gifs.  this clearly didn’t work though, because yesterday you managed to follow me again.  in order to circumvent my blocking you, you deleted your old blog (@g0alg0ys) and remade it.  obviously, i was curious as to how the hell this happened, so i took a look at your new blog.

in about ten minutes of looking, i found more than half a dozen gif sets that were stolen from other graphics makers.  in less than a week of existing, this new blog has already stolen from multiple graphics makers, reposted their edits without credit, which is the exact thing you were reported for in the past.  for example:

  • this post stolen from @gfsports​​ (watermarks clearly visible)

this is theft and it’s wrong, and it needs to stop. @goalg0ys​ you’ve been asked to stop, told to stop, reported by multiple users in the past, and you’re still doing it, making new accounts in order to access people who have blocked you. this has to stop.

now obviously, this isn’t going to put an end to people reposting graphics instead of reblogging them, but i’m hoping that by speaking up other users will try to refrain from reblogging these reposted gifs and instead go to the original graphic makers to reblog.  people put in their time and effort to create these graphics and it can be discouraging to the people who make the graphics to find that their work is being taken and reposted without any credit given.  if you see someone reposting gifs, don’t reblog from them.  reblog from the original source and let the creator know it’s happening. 

if you happen to see one of your graphics reposted, you can report it to tumblr here.  they will remove the content, usually within a day or two.  @itsaporcupine, i’ve always appreciated your vigilance on this topic, so i’m including you in this to spread the word/make sure you check to see if anything of yours is taken.  i didn’t notice anything straight away, but i know your graphics have been taken in the past so i wanted to give you a head’s up.

also please do not bully this person or send hate mail, etc. i’m hoping that this post will finally convey how very uncool this is to take the work of others.