One problem with Yahoo is that they put all their focus on $$$ and none of it on users and it shows. It’s shortsighted to money grab instead of building brand loyalty. Xkit’s anti-capitalism extension blocks these awful autoplay ads. But it takes it a second to kick in and so I’m getting 2-3 second of men yelling at me about shit I don’t care about.

I don’t think this is the end of tumblr, but we are probably approaching a tipping point as frustrated users. From 2005-2010 fandom wanted to leave LJ. People set up Dreamwidth accounts and cross-posted, but never actually left. Until people ended up here. We’ll end up somewhere else at some point–when there’s a new platform exciting enough to attract new users and existing ones. Then we have to hope Yahoo doesn’t buy it.

Anyway. Probably not a bad idea to backup your tumblr:

A quick guide to wordpress backups.

tumblripper will back up images

frostbox but they charge a fee

If you know how to run Python scripts here’s stuff at github to back up a local copy and create feeds.


see, i think i could understand the whole ‘they didn’t deserve the win’ argument if there’d been some sketchy shit happening or if the players had been roughing each other up or if the goal was debatably a hand ball or if either team had had any shots on target at any point before 115 minutes.  but instead we had 117 minutes of absolutely nothing productive from either side and the entire international viewing audience bitching about how boring and uneventful and crappy the match was.  so yeah, based on what we saw today, that argument is a really hard sell, at the very least.



i just don’t understand people who support national teams other than their own

you obviously don’t live in the states. 😉