The night before the USA’s Copa America Centenario Quarterfinal against Ecuador, U.S. captain Michael Bradley approached the team equipment manager Jesse Bignami with an idea.

The idea was one thing, but bringing it to fruition was another. A rainbow armband didn’t exist as far as they knew, so where could one be found, or in this case, made?

They first approached the Nation Women’s Soccer League’s Seattle Reign about making a heat transfer labeled with #OneNation. They could. The next call was to the kitman from Seattle Sounders FC, who had previously had a similar item made for his team. His contact was closed for the evening, but he promised to reach out first thing.

By midnight, samples of the heat transfers had been delivered to the team hotel. The question still remained of whether an armband could be made. The next morning, after consultations on size and material, STT-Sports Lettering Co. confirmed they could have one ready for pickup after noon.

After the team equipment arrived at CenturyLink Field, Bignami took off to the shop to retrieve the armband while assistant Mike Zawlocki fired up the heat press. About 20 minutes before the MNT arrived at CenturyLink Field, the unique and powerful symbol was tucked away in Bradley’s locker. Ready to be worn with pride. Ready to represent #OneNation. [X]


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