Day 5: My Favorite Defender(s):

i’ve got like 3 but today i’ll just go with fábio coentrão.  looking back, honestly, he was my first major ‘omg i want that one’ football crush.  i can’t even explain why, i just was like 😍😍😍 the first time i saw him, and then i saw him play and i was sold.  he showed dedication and heart, he always put his all into every match.  his shirt was the 2nd i ever got and the first one i ever bought for myself, and i remember the guy at the adidas store laughed at me when i asked for it but i was so determined to have his shirt!  and it took over an hour to get from our flat in brooklyn to the madrid peña in manhattan, so the line ups were never out yet when i’d have to leave the house, so for like a month straight i’d go in my coentrão shirt and without fail, every time i wore his shirt, he was benched!! 😂😂😂  i’d get into heated debates at the bar with randos who’d see the shirt and laugh at me, but i gallantly defended him as best i could!  i just really love fábio!!!

i was absolutely devastated when he got loaned to monaco, but he had a decent start last season and more playing time for awhile there!  i’m really bummed he’s missing the euro but i’m hopeful he’ll have a swift recovery, and no matter where he ends up, i’m forever a fan of his and will be following him with a watchful eye wherever he goes!


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