Day 3: My All Time Favorite Player(s):

my favorite player ever is this guy.


josé maría gutiérrez hernández, guti, my one and only.  this guy isn’t the one i’d want to shag or marry or anything like that.  i don’t want to bang guti.  i want to be guti.  not only is he an incredibly talented player and the embodiment of pure madridismo, but he’s absolutely genuine, he speaks his mind, and he’s open about who he is and makes no excuses.  this is a man who has been to hell and back personally while struggling with mental illness, soared to the highest heights professionally, been dragged through the mud by the press for the last twenty years regarding his sexual identity (tw: transphobia & homophobia in the link), and is still an absolute beast on the pitch just a few months shy of 40.  in spite of the turmoil (and the occasional poor fashion choices) he’s remembered for his incredible vision on the pitch, as well as his phenomenal backheel passes and he’s now coaching the U18′s at real madrid, mentoring the next generation of legends.

he is someone i instantly liked, because i’ve always felt very small.  i’ve felt judged a lot, i’ve felt for most of my life that my opinions are stupid and not worth sharing, that my interests and passions are worthless, that no one gives a shit what i have to say or what i think.  so when i see guti speak his mind freely, cheer loudly and enthusiastically, while supporting and nurturing those around him, i feel inspired to do the same.  i sometimes joke to myself ‘wwjmd?’ or ‘what would josé maría do?’, and i try to remind myself that my thoughts are worth sharing and that i shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when i have something to say.

and he inspires me in so many other ways.  when i first decided to change my URL to something football related, it was right after guti publicly addressed his struggles with depression.  as someone who has been battling depression and other mental illness for my entire adult life, this revelation shook me to the core.  here was a man i already admired for his athleticism and public persona talking openly about living with mental health issues.  it’s so important to have celebrities who are willing to share their mental health struggles, because it can give such hope to others.  knowing that guti too has been living with depression helps me to know that i can live with this and cope with it and that there will be good times and bad times and that it’s okay to say the words ‘i have depression’ out loud.

these are just a few reasons i love him so much.  basically, he’s a goal. 

and also once a long time ago i did a closet cosplay of him and this is how it ended up:


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