How to Update Your Registered Email Address & Why It’s Important


Here at Tumblr Support, we get a lot of email from users who need to regain access to their accounts and dying from Tumblr withdrawal in the meantime. And while we love that Tumblr is so charmingly addictive, we hate to see users in the throes of agony over something they could have prevented easily!

Before you find yourself in a similar predicament, click over to your Preferences page to make sure your email address is correct.

  • Click the gear wheel icon in the top, right-hand corner of your Dashboard or visit
  • Behold, your email address is right there at the top of the screen! If it’s a valid email address that you have access to and check regularly, you’re okay. If it’s an email with a typo in it, an old email address that you no longer have access to, or a non-existent email address that you just made up on the spot when registering for Tumblr, correct it.
  • Click the green “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

Why is it important to have an accurate email address associated with your Tumblr account? As much as we like to think of your connection to your Tumblr account as an ironclad bond that can never be torn asunder, people forget to check or update their email address all the time. And when it does happen, you won’t be able to reset your password at if you don’t have a valid email address associated with your account.

So, make sure you have this one very essential setting under control, and everything else will be much, much easier.


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